Almost No-Knead Baguette

February 14, 2011 § 1 Comment


I am beaming as I write this .. I made a baguette! Ok.. so it was not a traditional, kneaded, labor intensive baguette. But, hey – it was nevertheless a pretty good first baguette and definitely better than a baguette from the local supermarket, which might have been on the shelves for heaven knows how long.

I followed the recipe for the almost no-knead baguette from the King Arthur Flour website. The recipe has been beautifully illustrated with step-by-step photographs in a blog post by P J Hamel on the King Arthur Flour blog as well. However,  I did not have any King Arthur Flour on hand – and I could not wait to try my hand at the recipe. So I used the all purpose flour I had on hand, and the baguette turned out quite well.


The baguette had a nice crust and a chewy soft interior with loads of irregular air pockets. The recipe requires that the unbaked formed loaf should be sprayed with water before baking. However, I did not have spritzer to spray the dough. So I  gently dabbed the unbaked formed dough with a dampened (and clean) dish cloth instead.


The yeasty dough and the baguette in the oven filled the apartment with the warm and comforting smell of fresh bread. The recipe is worth attempting just for that. By the way, did you know that there are fragrance oils, incenses sticks, candles etc in ‘fresh baked bread’ fragrance? For me however, this bread does it.


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